Nina Naï is a drag performer and baritone. The person behind the curtain is Georgios Iatrou an operatic baritone based in Germany who is working in opera houses around the world. Nina is his alter ego, and can do all the things that Georgios cannot dare.

Nina has been performing for about two years in clubs, stages and- during the "Plague"- online in different drag festivals. Her last project DRAUMA  participated at the international competition Goodmesh concours and achieved 3rd Prize.

The aim of Nina is to merge worlds that seem impossible to meet like  lyric singing and drag performance. 

Her name derives from the greek song Opa Nina Naï which was made famous worldwide by Nana Mouschouri and is a typical greek dance song. 

Nina co-created and belongs to the  Haus of Karma a drag haus based in Thessaloniki, Greece.