• First ever Drag Liedrabend

              Last night took place the first ever Drag Liederabend in Europasaal Bayreuth. It was a fantastic night, with songs by R.Strauss, J. Brahms, Schubert, Hadjidakis and more. My exceptional pianist and conductor Yorgos Ziavras did an incredible job at making me feel less nervous and secure on my 20cm heels! He also asked for quick smokey eye. 

    The really special thing about this night was the public. First time in my baritone years I experienced a younger audience in an art song recital. Liederabende always felt a little outdated or boring (well definetely not for me cause I love them)... but it is indicative that in the last five years there are less and less song recitals performed worldwide, even in Germany the birthplace of Lied.

    One really special moment was after the show, when a trans woman approached me, asked for a photo and then burst into tears telling us that it was really special and she thanked us for bringing something like this in her little village. I think she meant something so queer probably, in a space that is usually conservative and at times queer-exclusionary.

    Thank you. It was extremely fun giving the middle finger to conventionality.